Linex Heating Insulation Template

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Linex Heating Insulation Template Heating Insulation Template
  • This template includes a plethora of symbols for boilers, valves, reservoirs, outlets and pumps.
  • In compliance with ISO 4067.
  • Ink bossed
  • Pen: 0.35mm
  • 1mm transparent green-tinted butyrate
  • Size: 200x100mm
Please note Linex templates may take up to 21 days for delivery.

Coming in a compact size for easy use and storage, this template will help anybody handling heating insulation with a wide variety of symbols for valves, boilers, outlets, pumps and reservoirs.
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LXG1297S Heating Insulation Template 200x100mm £36.55 (excl VAT)
£43.86 (incl VAT)
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