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Decadry Express Publishing Software3 (english). Version 3 (005)
Decadry Express Publishing Software3 (english). Version 3 (005)
Decadry Express Publishing Software Version 3
  • From a CD-ROM label to a quick composition or from a business card to a letterhead, Decadry Express publishing is here to help you.
  • Several hundred wizards guide you through the creation of an eye-catching and professional document.
  • Twenty-one Creation models create magnificent documents in a few seconds.
  • Even better: you can display the exclusive collection of pre-printed Decadry papers in the backgrounds in order to see an optional preview of your printed work.
Decadry Express Publishing
  • Enables you to quickly complete filing cards, labels or reports you urgently need.
  • You can verify and correct your text in seven languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish).
  • For more sophisticated layouts this software will carry you off to new horizons.
  • Create and manage you database with the help of DataManager.
  • Alternatively prepare you mailing using the mail merge functions.
  • You will be able to create attractive documents such as a business card, a binder label, a CD insert, an invitation to original Decadry® paper with a professional look.
  • With Decadry Express Publishing Software, you will receive an exclusive collection of high quality images and hundreds of cliparts.
System Requirements
  • 75MHz Pentium (or equivalent).
  • Windows 95/98 (2nd Edition)/ME/NT4/2000/XP (Not Vista).
  • 16mb of RAM (32mb recommended).
  • 40mb Physical Memory (65mb recommended).
  • Screen resolution of 640x480 (800x600 recommended) in 256 colors.
  • CD-ROM drive.
Coming with a range of brilliant applications and uses in mind, the Decadry Express Publishing Software Version 3 has been designed specifically to help you with all your publishing issues, acting as an all-in-one program to keep those document layouts neatly organized and those letters looking sharp and professional.

Decadry Express Publishing Software3 (english). Version 3 (005)

By Decadry

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